I got a raise!  

Yesterday was a great day! I got home from my work trip to Salt Lake City, and had the anticipated conversation with my boss to ask for a raise.

Salt Lake City Work Trip:

My 3 day trip to Salt Lake City flew by. I absolutely loved the little bit that I got to see of the city.

Of course, I took ZERO pictures! That seems to be my thing when I travel – I forget to take pictures so I have no proof the trip ever happened.

The city is lovely and the views are stunning.  Every direction I looked, I was surrounded by perfect mountain views.

In case you don’t take my word for it, enjoy these random pics of downtown to see for yourself ;o)

The weather was perfect, and I got to explore for a bit after work. I had dinner at a nice restaurant (which the client paid for…woohoo!), walked around the outdoor mall for a bit, and checked out the Mormon Tabernacle. I definitely need to come back for a few day trip to get in some hiking.

Asking for a Raise: 

When I got home, I had the call with my boss so that I could ask for a raise.  The meeting did not go at all how I expected it would.

Currently, I get paid 116k with a 12% (guaranteed bonus), for a total of 130k. My goal was to increase my salary by at least 10k.

I might have over prepared, because I put together an 8 slide presentation which I thought would help my case in demonstrating why I should be paid more.

About 3 minutes into my presentation, my boss apparently already had enough of my talking ;o)

He stopped the presentation and said that he was going to raise my salary to 126k. With the 12% added bonus that would bring my total compensation to 141k.


I realize this isn’t a tremendous amount of money or a massive salary increase, but this brings my husband and I one step closer to our goal of paying down 70k worth of debt by the end of 2017. (I have 111k worth of student loans, he has 45k left).

On top of that, my boss said he’ll be re-evaluating my performance and compensation again in 6 months and that I could potentially be eligible for another raise.

We also charted a plan for me to go for several professional related certifications within the next 12 months. The company will pay for these for me which is FANTASTIC because the total cost of these certifications could easily run 10-15k.

Overall, I’m really glad with how the discussion went!

Next step: Get a Side Job

The next step to bring in more income is to nail down a part-time remote job. I had 2 interviews this week, but both positions require a full-time schedule.

I’m scouring LinkedIn and Indeed every night, looking for part-time remote roles that would be feasible with a somewhat heavy travel schedule.

Time management will be absolutely essential if I start part time work. My current job performance can’t suffer. My current clients have very high expectations in terms of service levels, and they expect an almost immediate answer in the event of an issue.

I’ll have to carefully manage my time to make sure my full time job doesn’t get impacted negatively. I might have to start waking up at 4 or 5 am to get in a few hours of extra work, I don’t know.

My husband is up for his own salary discussion with his boss on Monday. He’s only been with this company for a short period after getting recruited a few months ago.

The conversation feels a bit premature, but we decided that he should go for it anyway.

The worst that can happen is that they say no, right?? ;o)


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